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The Renault Captur is a brand new addition to the Renault family. With the expressive styling of an SUV, the cabin space and modular interior of an MPV and all in the body of a compact saloon car, it’s time to say hello to the Captur!

The Renault Captur forums are now open so you can begin discussing the new Renault, available options, test drives and pre-ordering information will all be posted there so please feel free to join and post your questions and between us all we should be able to help! The site and forums are free to use and free to join.

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Our forums are free to join and use with discounts, tips and advice.

Renault Captur is based on the same platform as New Clio, acclaimed as a B-segment benchmark when it comes to driving pleasure. It consequently delivers best-level dynamics, from roadholding to engine response and agile handling. The petrol and diesel engines available for the model benefit from the very latest Renault technologies and will return best-in-class fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, starting from as low as 96g/km.

Renault Captur will be easy to customise and notably comes with an original two-tone colour scheme which produces an attractive contrast between the roof and pillars and the rest of the bodywork.

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Two tone colour charts

Each of the eight shades can be specified as the sole body colour. The table below lists the available two-tone combinations.       Body colour combinations     Roof colour Boston Blue Ivory Arizona Diamond Black Tahoe Blue Mocha Brown Stone Oyster Grey Mercury Ivory TT OC TT TT TT n/a (UK) TT n/a […]

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Just one month on from its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Renault has confirmed UK pricing and specification for its new supermini crossover, Captur. Available to order in the UK from 1st May, the French marque’s chic new entrant will be looking to emulate the impressive start for New Clio, with which it shares […]

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Renault Captur heralds the launch of Renault R-Link. This innovative integrated tablet is connected to both the car and the internet at the same time. It provides quick and easy access to a broad selection of useful services. A catalog containing some 50 apps is already available from the R-Link Store. These automotive-specific applications already […]

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Renault Captur Exterior Pictures

Renault Captur Exterior Pictures

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Captur Alloy Wheel Styles

16-inch Standard wheel rim     17-inch black diamond air wheel rim   17-inch ivory diamond air wheel rim   17-inch orange diamond air wheel rim   17-inch Standard wheel rim

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Renault Captur Forum Posts

It has to be said!!

Motor cycle,car.PSV and HGV all passed first time. Been on the road for 45 years without accident or conviction,must say something .... ...

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proposal on high mileage Capturs

I know this is a very young club due to the fact that the Captur was only introduced in 2013. I also appreciate that most of these lovely cars are in private ownership. However, there must be some Captur owners who have logged up high mileage. It is these cars that the club might be interested in to find out what faults these cars are likely to encounter as they get older to form an idea of what to expect. This can form a valuable data base. Perhaps the mods can pick up on this proposal on the f ...

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bye captur hello laguna coupe

decided on a change here is my new form of transport ,,,,,,, laguna coupe 2.0 dci 150 tomtomonly had her from friday so just got the garage pics just now2010 done 36k just ...

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leaving the fold but not renault

hi , not been on for a while , decided on a change of transport of late but staying with renaultpicked up this beauty last week 2010 laguna coupe dci 150 tomtom editionand loving the car so far , its only covered 36k , sorry ive only got the garage pics so far ...

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hicky wrote:magpie ivor says they are looking in to it.and by the way except my apologises for earliar frustration I think.lolLikewise  ...

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