Renault Captur: the most fuel-efficient urban crossover in its class

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Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions among the segment’s very best

Thanks to its choice of Energy engines, Renault Captur aims to be the category leader with regard to low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, yet still be fun to drive.

Petrol engines

  • Energy TCe 90: 113g/km1 (56.5mpg1)
  • TCe 120 EDC: 125g/km1 (52.3mpg1)
Diesel engines

  • Energy dCi 90: 95g/km1 (76.4mpg1)
  • dCi 90 EDC2, target: 104g/km3 (tbc mpg2)

A crossover that weighs as little as a hatchback

To further reduce fuel consumption, Renault Captur benefits from the latest research into weight saving, aerodynamics and tyres. Its weight is the same as that of Clio III, even though it has a larger footprint and extra comfort and safety equipment. Whenever the cooling requirement reduces, powered flaps behind the bumper automatically close off the air intakes, for the benefit of overall aerodynamic efficiency (depending on version and market). Meanwhile, ducting inside the engine compartment channels the flow of air, again improving aerodynamic performance. Last but not least, ultra-low rolling resistance tyres reduce fuel consumption by up to three per cent.

Ahead of the game in the use of recycled materials

Recycled materials account for 16 per cent (by weight) of the plastics used in the manufacture of Renault Captur. This is a first for Renault and represents one of the best scores in the automobile industry.

Meticulously designed and built to last

Built on the proven B platform

Bolstered by its expertise in vehicle architecture, Renault has always led the way when it comes to developing bold new concepts. Compact on the outside, yet spacious and versatile inside, Renault Captur once again breaks down barriers between the established segments. It is built around the proven Renault-Nissan Alliance B platform that is widely acclaimed for its comfort, roominess, handling and reliability. Renault Captur uses the same drivetrain as New Clio, with wider tracks and a longer wheelbase.

Manufacturing expertise at the Valladolid plant

The Valladolid plant in Spain has risen to the manufacturing challenges presented by Captur, notably that of bringing two-tone paintwork to a wider audience. It is expected that there will be a high take-up rate for this finish, so the plant has established a process and developed solutions for fast and effective masking.

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