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“The genes of Renault Captur contain all the ideas of the concept car – the concept car which it was my pleasure to present as the expression of the ‘Explore’ theme in Renault’s life-cycle design strategy. As the brand’s first urban crossover, Captur combines all the advantages of the MPV, SUV and family hatchback. Its balanced, fluid lines impart a friendly muscular energy to its bodywork, while its expressive style and everyday practicality provide an open invitation to discover the world – either two-up, or with the whole family aboard.” Laurens van den Acker (Senior Vice President, Corporate Design, Renault)

Designed for love at first sight – and real-world practicality
Renault Captur is an urban crossover with an unpretentious look. Thanks to its compact footprint (4.12m x 1.77m x 1.57m) and large 16- or 17-inch wheels, it proclaims its sporty vocation and lust for adventure, while its substantial ground clearance (200 mm) raises it to the level of a number of crossovers and 4x4s from the next segment up. Thanks to its dynamic stance, Renault Captur comes across as more imposing than its actual dimensions would suggest.

Renault Captur’s fluid, balanced forms express an assertive personality. The forward position of its steeply-raked windscreen emphasises the design’s dynamic appeal, and the two-part horizontal rear lights permit a wide tailgate while steering clear of a boxy look. The sense of quality is also evident in the fit of the wheels, with a minimal gap between the tyres and the bodywork. Meanwhile, modern, original and practical styling details confirm that Renault Captur has above all been designed to be extremely user-friendly. For example, the sill protection mouldings guard against urban and rural scrapes, and the base of each door is shaped to prevent shoes and clothing getting dirty when climbing aboard.

Inside, the impression of space is borne out by the cabin’s generous dimensions. Echoing the exterior, Renault Captur’s interior is bright, colourful, harmonious and customisable. A choice of light or dark trims is available for the first two equipment levels, and the mesh map pockets on the front seat backs – as fitted to the concept car of the same name – are both sophisticated and useful. The patterns selected for the upholstery permit a wide range of colour combinations and contrasts.

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