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    What are peoples thoughts on battery charging and what have you read. There are many posts on the Internet that suggest not letting a battery drop below 20% and not charging above 80% so that it prolongs the life of the li-ion battery. Other posts say not to worry. What do people think?
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    Hi, I’m new to the forum. I bought a pre-registered 2020 Launch Edition Phev which was doing around 30 miles on electric set on Pure. Over the last few days the car only gets to 20 miles before it says it’s fully charged. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
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    Just picked up my new Captur hybrid. Went to charge using the supplied charge lead, and noticed it was fitted with a french domestic plug! Contacted dealer who said all uk variants are like this, and I should use an adapter,(despite instructions saying don’t use adapters). Is this correct?
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    They say that things come in three's but.... 1) Media screen keeps turning off. Will reset and reboot on car restart but then repeats the fault. 2) Phone charge pad keeps telling me to remove a metal item, when there's not even a phone in it, (or anything else). 3) "Radar to be checked" warning...
1-4 of 4 Results