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  1. Faults & Problems
    I’m furious! Renaukt Capture- one previous owner, bought from a large reputable dealer Pentagon in Sheffield three years ago! Full service, invested in rear parking sensors, roof racks, break pads and discs let alone tyres in July. In August the car wouldn’t start! Teo cylinders with no...
  2. Main Message Centre
    Hi, I'm looking for a detailed description of how the PHEV engine works. Anyone know any good links describing the E-tech engine and gearbox? Thanks Mike
  3. Main Message Centre
    I want to get a Captur but am not sure whether to go for a 90bhp or a 110bhp. Would a 90bhp be able to handle motorways? Most of my driving will be in town but will be doing some motorway driving. Any feedback appreciated.
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, I have a captur that’s done 17,000 miles, I love the car but have noticed a few things I need advice about please, first there’s a blue like thermometer thing in the dash board when I start up? Second is it normal to hear the turbo while driving with window down, third, when idle and have...
  5. Faults & Problems
    Hi, so I'm going to book this in, but knowing that it's likely to be at least another week before I can get it seen, i just wanted to check something about these errors... So I've got a 19 plate Captur 1.5 Diesel, it's still 3 months away from requiring it's first service and has done less than...
1-5 of 5 Results