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  1. Faults & Problems
    Hi all! I'm having ongoing issues with my Captur (2018 1.5 litre Diesel) where the Check anti pollution system message and dashboard warning light come on. I bought it approved used with 18,000 miles and have done around 4000 miles in it (mixed use) The light has been on 6 times and the car...
  2. Faults & Problems
    My 2020 S Edition 90tce seems to have nothing but electrical issues. The trip computer will automatically reset at random intervals, the car will cut out at traffic lights (as is designed) then won't turn back on - sometimes taking up to 3 minutes to do so! The fuel gauge and distance to empty...
  3. Faults & Problems
    Hi, I bought a new auto Captur and as I was driving off from the dealership, a spanner light came on the dashboard and a message saying “gearbox not engaged (P)”. Car then stopped and wouldn’t let me move. Turned it off twice and back on the same thing happened. Third time I switched it off and...
1-3 of 3 Results