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    Hallo Ich habe den Captur 2018 90 PS und Media Nav mein Smartphon ist das Samsung A70 Neueste Firmware 11 ist per Blouthoo verbunden klappt alles bis auf die Sprachsteuerung geht nicht.Nun möchte ich gern Android Auto per Kabel verbinden.das original Kabel kann ich nicht benutzen da ich den...
  2. Faults & Problems
    Hi all, I have 2020 Captur Limited Tce (registered Dec 2020). On 3 seperate occasions now the Satnav screen has gone blank and unoperational, at the asme time the aircon/heater controls stop working as do the switches for the heated seats, Eco mode and door locking located just below the...
  3. Faults & Problems
    Hi has anyone had this problem and does anyone know how to fix it please??! This morning I need to get to an interview almost 100 miles away and my media nav has decided that it now cannot find a route, anywhere 😢. It was fine yesterday but this morning it won't even go to the next street. I've...
  4. Faults & Problems
    So for the past few weeks the media nav on our 16 captur keeps asking for an authentication code. So we put it in and then everything is fine. Today it's just turned off and won't come back on again. Any ideas of what could have happened? Can't get into the garage until january.
1-4 of 4 Results