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  1. Faults & Problems
    My New 2nd hand Captur keeps displaying no maps found. The SD card is a new one - genuine Tomtom Renault - is in the slot. The SD card dismount says no sd card found. I have checked the card on my computer and cannot see any data on it. Not sure whether you actually can. After much hassle...
  2. How to?
    Hello, I've just bought a Captur with the R-Link multimedia unit. The operation is quite clear an manual helpful - except.... The "System Notifications" icon on the top row of the home screen shows a number of notifications (18), and when I press that I get taken to a list of individual...
  3. Main Message Centre
    Just bought a 2018 Captur with R-link. iPhone works fine over Bluetooth but when connected by usb and playing music it cuts out after every announcement by the sat nav. There’s probably something obvious I’m not doing but I’ve read the manual and I can’t find a solution
1-3 of 3 Results