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  1. Club Information
    as you know , after replacing battery of your renault captur , medianav will locked , and you will need authentication code to unlock it. you should not input 1234 , 1111 , 0000 , and digits like that , this codes will disable your medianav inputing code page , so how its possible to unlock it ...
  2. Faults & Problems
    I have a 2019 captur in abu dhabi uae. I came out to the parking garage one day, turned her on, and she sounded like a drift car or something, I knew right away something was wrong. I went to check, and turns out the exhaust was just dangling. And of course, the exhaust system isnt covered in...
  3. Main Message Centre
    Hello! can anyone help where I can find replacement door buttons, the ones on driver and passenger side have been picked and I find it difficult to gain entry to my car! I’ve done a google search but can’t seem to find this replacement part! Any advise where to find, would be so helpful. Thank you
  4. Faults & Problems
    Hello everyone, Im looking into buy a Capture from 2016 with 40k kilometers Petrol , I went underneath the car and I saw some line that goes the the back of the car not sure if they were brake fluid lines but there was like a rail there as I looked and rubbed my finger come out black with oil...
  5. Main Message Centre
    3 random beeping noise whilst i was out driving, high pitched sound. was just slowing down coming up to a roundabout, any ideas why? sat nav was off. my partner had his seatbelt on in the passenger side and dont think i saw a seat belt warning light pop up
  6. Faults & Problems
    Hi Guys. Just wondering if anyone has come across this rattling sound before? Rattling sound We went for a trip out yesterday and did about 300 miles round journey. Before the journey the oil was checked which was fine and the coolant was checked which was fine. Did the journey and nothing...
  7. Main Message Centre
    Hello to all, I have a Captur 2015 and I want to ask if it going to be possible to programme/code some features on the car like the following: Follow home lights - when the car locks, the headlights/DRL/fog lights to be turned on for a small period of time When locking the car from the key, if...
  8. Faults & Problems
    Hi all, I currently don’t have anyone else to ask hence why I’ve just joined this forum. I’ve had my Renault Captur since November 2018, never had issues until the last few days. I’ve noticed my keyless entry is not working on my fob? I’ve done the trouble shooting (putting the fob into the card...
1-8 of 8 Results