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Hi all, picked up my Captur last night and loving it!! Mine came with a few extras as is Ex parts managers car so has running boards fitted nice extra but not sure its £500+ i would have spent myself but the look is great but she is not quite tall enought to warrent as a step..
Second is the arm rest great idea and have had them in all my old 4x4 but one thats in the way of the hand brake!!! i dont quite get. But its the only car i have ever had were the fuel gauge doesnt move as fast as the speed reading. Drove 50 miles down the mway home last night as was getting late 67mpg and doing the speed limit ( she has been run in 4.5k on the clock and a dci so dont panic if yours in really new)

so just the Media center to work out and were and how all the toys are and update the satnav to work out over the weekend then off to leeds for a few days

one happy bunny Captur owner
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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