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Last year I bought a brand new captur. In July, it asked me to update so I did. A couple weeks later my car wouldn't start and it kept telling me to 'put key in card slot' and 'press break pedel' and other warnings.

Called someone out and got the battery changed (it was free due to a plan I'm on but also got a telling off for not driving my car enough... we have been in a pandemic and I've been working frombhome but alright)

Two weeks later, what do you know its happened again. Absolutely fuming. Guy comes out, is baffled, realises that the car thinks it is constantly on. Take it to the dealer who investigate, take my keys and 'fix it' but still need to wait for a second update but I can take my car. Yaaaay.

Now my car prompted a new multimedia update, so I did and once again, a few weeks later, opps battery's gone again

Anyone else experience this?
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