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Hi everyone
Every year all car owners in Denmark can participate in creating the Danish Autoindex. It shows among other things, howsatisfied car owners are about their car. More than 36.000 car owners participated.

The Captur came in at an amazing numer 15, with 870 points out of 1000.

Top20 cars were:
BMW 3-series
Mercedes-Benz B-class
BMW 5-series
Volvo V60
Mercedes-Benz E-class
Audi 6
Volvo s/V40/V50
Mercedes-Benz C-class
Honda CRV
Audi A4
Audi A3
VW Golf/Golf Plus
Skoda Octavia
Renault Captur
Toyota Avansis
Cirtöen C4 Picasso
Toyota Auris
Skoda Superb
Hyundai i40

That's a great achievement. The NeXT Renault on the list is the Clio, in at numer 61

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