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Renault have released pricing for the Captur in France at ‚¬15,500 Euros which works out at just £13,500 pounds! No official word on pricing for the UK yet but lets hope it's close to that.

Depending on trim levels pricing can rise to ‚¬22,700 Euros (£19,500 pounds)

For instance, the low-end Life trim equipped with the Energy Tce90 can be had for only ‚¬15,500, while the Zen trim coming with the same powerplant will get ‚¬17,400 out of your pocket. If you're looking to spend ‚¬19,100, the Tce90 is available for the Intens variant as well.

The Business trim offers only two engine choices, dCi 90 and dCi 90 EDC, which can be acquired for ‚¬20,100 and ‚¬21,500 respectively. Intens variants come with all four available units, with the most expensive version, powered by the dCi 90 EDC "apparatus", fetching ‚¬22,700

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