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Another review in, this one from Top Gear magazine;

Should I be looking at the Captur?

The car we drove was a 1.5-litre diesel with 89bhp and 162lb ft. 0-62mph in 12.6 seconds with the manual gearbox or 13.1 seconds with the twin-clutch. There are also two petrols available - a three-cylinder with 89bhp or a larger in-line four with 119bhp - but neither of these crack 0-62mph in less than 10.0 seconds.

But do you know what? None of this matters. Pottering is the aim and no one is going to be doing burnouts, four-up with the kids in the back. And besides, the diesel doesn't feel as slow as the figures suggest as it's got a healthy dollop of torque available from when the turbo kicks in at 1,500rpm. I'm not saying it's great at overtaking, but once it's up to speed the Captur is responsive and quick enough.

Combined with the comfortable ride, and seriously impressive refinement, the Captur is dull but perfectly equipped for what it'll need to do.

If you're in the market for a baby crossover, then yes. Apart from anything else, prices start at £12,495, which is good value in this class. I personally think it looks OK, it drives OK, and it's got more than enough space inside for the children you'll be shuttling around.

But here's the TopGear caveat. It's playing it safe in the extreme - it's the most beige (and also, ironically, vivid blue) car on the market. Renault itself admits that this is not an adventurous car - it's not designed to provoke a reaction or divide opinion like the Juke.

Read the full review here:
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