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Tce 90/ Media Nav/One colour. Ivory White/17" Black Wheels/Skid Pack

Noticed today that the passenger side rear door is misaligned. The front edge of the top of the door is flush with the rear edge of the passengers door but the bottom half stands proud by approx 3mm. It is also evident with the plastic trim which is not flush and exhibits a definite step. There is no problem with the drivers side. Going to be looked at next week. Hoping its just needs a little tweak. ??

Encountered a little glitch with the Sat Nav? Just to try it out I entered an address in Norwich and put in the post code (NR1) only to find that the Sat Nav. wanted to take me to Hull !!! Put in the next digit and thankfully Norwich appeared. Intriguingly after a little research there appears to be a plumber by the name of Hull whose address is NR1. Strange!

Thats the negatives out of the way....on the positive side the Media Nav update went without a hitch. All systems are going well and I am enjoying the Captur experience..
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