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Ive just taken the plunge and ordered a 2020 TCe 155 S edition after nearly buying the S edition last August and only noticing the new version in a newspaper add a few days after. I have waited avidly for its release and wasn’t disappointed with the real thing after seeing the auto express video over 6 months ago! Really looking forward to the Tech...?
I drove the 130 auto ionic demonstrator they had in and was suitably impressed especially with the paddles which come standard with all the autos!..?
i have owned my current beloved Qashqai+2 for 9 years and been a member of the Original Qashqai Club and a Moderator on the forum for over half that time. The Kids have now grown up and thought the time to go for something smaller, more economical and quicker with the higher up crossover features that suitS my wife after she had a couple of back operations a few years ago.
I ordered last weekend and expected delivery is late April/early May.
I opted for Met paint, 18” Wheels and the comfort pack as the flying console was one of the things that really impressed me but that came at a price as part of the pack with a Sunroof and adjustable passenger seat, neither I'm particularly bothered about but hey ho.
I haggled the price down with quotes from CarWow and got free servicing and Matts thrown in and 6K for my QQ with 61K on the clock. Surprisingly the Gap insurance was also thrown in with the deal so another saving.
I loved the Orange but the rest of the famille didn’t and I didn’t like what they choose so gone with my original choice of Oyster Grey Met which I liked best on the outgoing version anyway, though virtually the same colour as my present Qashqai.
i thought I’d join and used my QQ Club name and avatar in case there are any other defectees that recognise it on here and to share and assist with any problems as I was advised not to buy a brand new model Until any problems were ironed out, but apart from being RH drive its been out in Europe for some time now So assume any would have come to light?
I was also known as Mr Off Topic, I really don’t know why....??

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Welcome from me too. I'll also be interested in what you think of the new Captur
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Will do
there were a few niggles mainly being the interior I had with the outgoing model which they seem to have concentrated on with the new as well as making it slightly bigger.
They have also added a lot of tech as standard which I’m looking forward to playing with.
What I didn’t realise is that the Captur is Renault’s best selling car and will be interesting to see how the new model fairs against its rivals.
A bit like the Qashqai really it being the original Xover years ago and then other Manufacturers creating their equivalents.
i trawled the internet for actual pictures of the oyster grey as it wasn’t a well advertised colour and found the below UTube video (Though in french and not the type of 18” wheels I opted for)...I got a good view of and pictures from it....??



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In the end due to Coronavirus and family Situation I managed to cancel my order For the new one as always worried at paying out over 15k in PCP payments and having nothing at the end.
Good news I stumped for an 8month old S Red Edition 130 in Oyster Grey with 2.5k on the clock.
managed to get 6K for my Qashqai and paid the remaining 9k cash with 3 Renault services and remainder of 3 year warranty thrown in.
TBH it was the Car I was going to buy new last year before the new one came out but that will have to wait.

Quicker than the Qashqai with keyless auto lock And lots of tech.
seems very economical compared to the old 2L Beast.
Smart looking and Boot bigger than expected with the floor put down.
smart interior and Nav system.
im 6’ 4” but roomy enough with good headroom.

lack of USB in the Cig lighter cubby hole for the Multi Media which is actually built into the unit so you’ve got dangly wires everywhere (The GT line in the old Capture I believe has this with its upgraded system)
The handbrake is to far over the passenger side and anyone with beefy hands would deskin their knuckles trying to use it?
No adjustable lumber support.

Overall very happy and pictures below, the last one next to a similar Qashqai to my old one in the car park yesterday. It looks like I’ve put it in the wash and it’s shrunk Abit and come out looking almost brand new!...😂


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