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i have owned my Captur now for 8 months but I have a problem with the rear seat belt when clipped you can not undo properly because the release button is on the inside have been back to the garage where I bought the car from and they say its ok however I think that in an emergency it would be difficult to get at the release button. Has anyone else got the same problem

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tankerpaul50 said:
.... I have a problem with the rear seat belt when clipped you can not undo properly because the release button is on the inside have been back to the garage where I bought the car from and they say its ok ....
I have no technical or legal knowledge of seat belt configuration, but I drive a number of domestic and commercial passenger vehicles, and I can say that I have NEVER come across a configuration whereby the belt covers the release button. I drive vehicles where the seats can be moved, and configured to take wheelchair user's equipment. The associated safety equipment is always set to enable the button to be unobstructed.

Seat belts on the vehicles I drive can come over the left shoulder or the right shoulder, depending upon the seat-type its position in the vehicle and even the users needs. Some of my passengers have medical conditions that prevent the seat belt going over a particular shoulder. So we can configure the seat belts accordingly. Some of our seat belt anchor points have swivel seat belt catches so that you can turn them to prevent just the situation you describe.

I am going out to my car now to check the seat belt configuration.


I am back.

I have looked at the rear seat belt configuration. I have only had one passenger in the rear. They usually sit on the near side seat. So have never noticed the problem.

The near side rear seat belt locks into the its counterpart (the first latch inboard on the car. The near side rear passenger has the seat belt going from left shoulder to right hip, and works fine.

The off side rear passenger has the seat belt coming over their right shoulder to the left hip. Now here's the rub. The seat belt latch that you use for this strap not the first inboardlatch (of the pair of latches), but the second latch, ie. the one furthest away of the pair. This way if a third person is sitting in the middle, that passenger's seat beltand the off-side passenger seat belts cross over each other. This way the belts straps obstruct each other. Just as tankerpaul50 says. Now that can't be correct!

The solutionwould be to use the other latch of the pair. But the middleseat belt strap does not fit theother latch; it won't lock in place.

I now think that the pair of latches should be reversed.

I will talk with the dealer about this.

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Interesting thread...will check it out tomorrow! I have sat in both right and left rear seats, belted in, comfortably...but never used the centre I will check that out! Thanks

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hayleyb,How do you lift the rear seats?

I tried lifting the rear seats, when I first got the captur, but there seemed to be a lot of resistance. Is there a "knack"?

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I visited the Renault dealer today to discuss the cross-over seat belt issue. One of the technicians investigated the issue, with me looking over his shoulder.
He found that all the Capturs on the lot we set up in the same way.
Each seat belt has a specific location in the car.
Each seat belt latch has its own connector to the car's systems so it can detect the closure of a seat belt. Each connector on the seat belt latch goes to its own specific connector on the car.
So it appears the seat belts have been installed correctly.

The technician pointed out that if the seat belt latches were swapped over, it would make the width of the lap too narrow, and may be a problem for kids seats.

It appears that the extra inch or two that is afforded by the cross-over technique is there to provide that extra room for the kids seats. The kids seats can only be fitted to the outboard seats anyway. It is not permitted to fit kids seats to the centre position.

I tried swapping the latches by twisting them, but for the occasional use I get from having a third back-seat passenger, it is easier for the occupants to leave them as is.

So there you have it.

The cross-over seat-belt latch is a design feature.

And I thought "Crossover" referred to the style of car.

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crossbow said:
So there you have it.

The cross-over seat-belt latch is a design feature.

And I thought "Crossover" referred to the style of car.

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Nice Point!
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