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Order books for the Renault Captur open next month, and WhatCar? aregiving you an early opportunity check out the baby SUV at an exclusive event here at What Car? HQ in Middlesex.

Will it do the trick for you and your family? Here's your chance to find out.

If you're free to join the WhatCar? team on Tuesday, May 7, apply now with the following details:

""¢Your name
""¢Your age
""¢Your mobile phone number
""¢Your occupation
""¢What car you currently drive
""¢Where you'll be travelling from on the day
""¢A compelling reason why you're interested in viewing the new Renault Captur
""¢Where you first heard about this event (Captur Owners Club!)

Send the above to [email protected] as soon as possible to secure your place.
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