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My 2014 Renault Captur's exhaust recently needed replacing - the middle and front pipe had rusted right through so it was beyond repair.

I took it to 3 places, KwikFit, National Tyres & Exhausts and a Halfords Service Centre - and they all said the same. The front pipe has an integral particle filter that's part of the whole unit and they couldn't order this part on their system. They said it's a Renault-only part so advised me I'd need to take it back to the Renault dealership to get the exhaust replaced.

I find this absolutely disgraceful business practice. On a 7 year old car, you should be able to get an exhaust replaced at any independent garage, not held to ransom by the dealerships by holding back certain parts. It's a consumable part that wears out on older cars, just in the same way tyres and brakes should be servicable anywhere.

Had to bite the bullet and take it to the dealer who ripped me off at £775 for the whole system. Yes, you read that right, £775!! But what choice did I have? They have you over a barrel.

Needless to say, I won't be buying Renault again if this is how they do business. Anyway, this is just a word of warning... if you have an older Captur, get rid of it before the exhaust needs replacing as it's a costly repair.
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