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The mauve with the white stripe is on the plug at the rear of the medinav it,s the third wire connect your live wire to it, and when you put it into reverse you will see your camera work

Hi every one! Just bought a captur dynamic medinav last week. So I am trying to install a camera with reverse light trigger, but to no avail.

I found the vent in the left side of the boot and inside it I found a cable harness with 24pins. I have tried to connect my camera's red cable to every pin with no luck. Most pins trigger the rear view on my dashcam without having to put the gearbox in reverse, but none of the rest triggers the rear view when I do put the gearbox in reverse.

The whole set up is:
Mirror Dashcam, connected in the fusebox under the dash on a 15amp slot and grounded on the chassis.

Rear camera connected directly in the mirror Dashcam (thus already grounded). Read trigger cable coming from the dashcam supposedly to be connected to the rear of the car at the positive pole of the reverse lights.

I'm thinking that I might be looking at the wrong place all together.

I have tried to take some pictures to show what I'm trying to do. The question is, where is the proper place to find the harness for the reverse lights and which one is the right cable colour/pin?

Can someone please help? Please as I am a total newbie on these things, either be stupid descriptive or include some pictures of possible.

Thank you so in advance!

21 - 22 of 22 Posts