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I picked up my long awaited Captur on Wednesday this week. It is back at the dealership in Northampton already.

The problem is that the steering column control for the radio isn't working at all. Apparently they swapped it for one out of another car, but that doesn't work either.

They checked all the connections all fine too. So in my simple brain, that means the head unit has a fault. 2 days into owning the new car, and I'm already having problems.

I've owned several Renaults, 2 clios, 2 Lagunas and a Wind. I know they can be quirky, but I've never had any real problems.

So has anyone else had this problem, and if so what did you do to solve it. I think they should simply fit a new head unit, but apparently they are very expensive (not sure why that should bother me though).

Having had the usual wait for the car to be delivered- they've always taken ages to deliver new cars! It has really taken the gloss off getting my shiny new car.
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