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Had a wasted trip to my local dealer on Saturday as they chose to close their parts counter all day but failed to add a note to their website to warn potential customers.

Anyway, main purpose was to order/buy touch-up paint in readiness. They called me back after I e-mailed a complaint, but they can't order touch-up paint as they need the reg or chassis number to do so, and my Captur has not even been built yet! They don't order it using the colour's name from the brochure. They also told me that it's not unusual for Renault to have no touch-up paint available until up to a year after a new colour has been released at the factory! So how are you supposed to touch in any stone chips?

Anyone know of you can get touch-up pens in Tahoe blue and ivory? Or what to do if they're not available - do you have to get a body shop to mix you up half a litre of paint or what?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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